Monika Patuszyńska (PL), ceramic artist and explorer of abandoned spaces and untried paths. She exhibits frequently allove r the world and has won many awards for her work that may be found in public and private collections worldwide.


Member of the International Academy of Ceramics


"Creative Casting".

All levels welcome, however previous casting experience preferred. Intended for adults.

The workshop is about learning the rules and then learning to break them. It encourages individual experimentation and it presents new ways of approaching and understanding the process of slip casting.

This is a hands-on workshop that will be supported by a lecture and demonstrations. I will share my special casting technics developed during last 15 years of casting porcelain.

Participants will see that the plaster mould is just a beginning, not the end of the process of creation. It throws open many new creative possibilities: it can be sawn into slices, smashed into pieces and reassembled, filled up with paper pulp or chocolate cereals… Casts can be done without a mould and a mould without a model…


During the workshop we will focus on the process of creating to unlearn some of the imprinted superstitions about a form, a function and a very process of making. We will explore the potential of casting the "negative spaces" created during the workshop. Participants will try out the introduced methods and experiment with a wide range of techniques for creating patterns and textures developed by me to create their own pieces.



Dates : September 10th to  13th  - 9 am until 4 pm - 1h lunchtime

Location : Espace Elément-Terre - 2, rue du Calvaire - 5670 Nismes (Belgium)

Price : 500 € - including materials -  lunch


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Please note that entries are only taken into account when 50% of the financial participation has been paid to IBAN account: BE32 6528 1406 4502 (BIC code: HBKABE22) of the association Espace Element-Terre. Without this down payment, registration is not valid.


This deposit is definitively acquired in case of withdrawal less than one month before the activity date. 









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