José M. Mariscal is a great specialist in crystallized glazes, but he is also an exceptional thrower.


It is in this specialization that he will come to share with us for the second time his knowledge and his mastery. He will reveal the different methods for obtaining textures and textured designs on thrown pieces.  


We will learn the different techniques that can be used with porcelain and grogged clay. We will have the opportunity to test these techniques with different clays.   We will pay particular attention to the texture choices of the surfaces. Each participant, after selecting "his" textures, will make his own pieces. There will be demonstrations so that each one can subsequently do his personal research with the help of José M. Mariscal.  


Josep M. Mariscal is a potters’ son and learnd the throwing art by his father.  Since 1992 he started working as a potter at Ceramicas Martinez in Vullpellac, he went from studio to studio, perfecting the technique until he achieved the mastery of throwin. In 2003 he opens his own workshop and begins to learn different techniques such as glazes, engobes, raku firing, naked raku, terra sigillata ... .. in 2010 he buys an electric kiln and starts in the technique of crystallizations



Dates: June 1st 2nd 2019 - from 9 am to 4 pm - lunch break of one hour.

Location : Espace Elément-Terre - 2, rue du Calvaire - 5670 Nismes (Belgium)

Price: 350 € - lunch included.  

Firing of pieces is not included.



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